[Global] BioHT



[Global] BioHT

We have developed the high advanced soil amendment called “BIO-HT Hybrid”  and it is registered as “Organic Input Material” officially by “CDFA state of California” in USA.

[Global] BioHT

Bio ht 12kg can cover 1 acre.

So the price is not expensive comparing with chemical UREA

[Global] BioHT

Increases agricultural production

Remedies the acidified soil with increase of microorganisms

Extends crops’ storage life

Supplements weaknesses of chemical fertilizers

Reduce the fertilizer consumption

Accomplishes the low-pesticides agriculture

Increases sugar content and flavor


[Global] BioHT


Has a high water absorptivity and neutralizes soil contamination.
Maximizes productions as it promotes permeability, porosity, and biological cycle in soil.


Supplements the mineral salts deficient soil and neutralizes the acidic soil.


Supplies calcium and magnesium to help soil improvement and agricultural growth.


Micronutrients for soil improvement and agricultural growth.


[Global] BioHT

1) Activates water absorption at roots to produce larger plants.

2) Enrich acidic or sterile soil with minerals to increase harvest and to improve crops’ immunity by 20~30%.

3) Prevents replant failure, salination, and soil acidification and neutralizes soils to make multiple cultivation possible.

4) Prevents oxidation through far-infrared radiation effects from the minerals’ anions.

5) Achieves the low-pesticide agriculture as it serves the most suitable, eco-friendly, green fertilizer additives for organic crops.

6) Proliferate beneficial microorganisms and optimizes pH level.

7) Facilitate outstanding germination, uprooting and growth.

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